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The removal of illegally parked or abandoned vehicles from privately owned property is called private property towing. This can occur in residential driveways, commercial parking lots that have posted “No Parking” signage, and even in an unmarked private parking lot. While private property towing may be helpful in an emergency, it’s important that you know when to properly use it and whom to call for help. 

What is Private Property Towing?

Private property towing is a service provided by towing companies for removing vehicles parked on your private property without your consent. It’s used when a vehicle is parked illegally on private property, such as in front of a driveway or a no-parking zone.

If there’s a vehicle that’s parked on your property without your permission, Florida law gives you the right to have it towed without the vehicle owner’s consent. You will not be held responsible for any costs or damage associated with removing, transporting, and storing the vehicle.

When to Use Private Property Towing

If a vehicle is illegally parked on your property, you can request to have it towed in case of an emergency or if you are concerned for your safety. But before requesting private towing, it’s important to know the requirements to legally tow a vehicle. Ideally, a “No Parking” sign should be visible in the area and these requirements should also be met: 

  • The “No Parking” sign should be placed within five feet of the public right of way 
  • The sign should be large and visible, and the letters used in the signboard should not be smaller than two inches on a contrasting background 
  • The sign should also include a “tow-away zone” or a clear warning like “towed away by owner’s expense” 
  • The tow-away sign should have a minimum height requirement of 3 feet from the ground and a maximum height of six feet 
  • The sign should also be installed not less than 24 hours in the parking area before the vehicle is towed 

There are certain exemptions to these rules, however. For example, single-family residences can request private property towing especially if the vehicle blocks a private driveway. In the case of business establishments, if a vehicle is parked in a way that obstructs usual business operations, it can also be legally towed at the vehicle owner’s expense. 

What to Look for in a Reliable Private Property Towing

You never know when you might need to get a private property towing service. The best way to prepare for this type of situation is to do your research to find the most reliable towing company that services your area and keep their number in your phone. Here are some practical tips on how to find one: 

  1. Make sure that you’re working with a company that has been in business for at least five years.

In case of emergencies or if you’re in a rush to get to work, you want a towing company that can remove a vehicle from your driveway the soonest time possible. Towing companies that are relatively new to the business may not have the time or resources to do the job right. On the other hand, towing companies that have been in the business for more than 5 years already have a customer service team that can attend to the customer’s concerns 24/7. 

       2. Ask about their policies on customer service and satisfaction. 

In towing service, customer satisfaction should be the top priority. When you’re looking for a reliable towing company ask if they have a 24-hour customer support team, this will help you get in touch with someone from the company in case something goes wrong. A reliable towing company should be able to provide excellent customer service even during late hours and on holidays. 

It’s also a good idea to ask about the company’s experience with private property towing. Do they have any special training or certifications that might give them an edge over other companies? 

        3. Make sure you choose a company that’s insured. 

Insurance is important because it protects you and your property from any liability issues that may arise from a towing service you availed. Ask if the company has insurance and what kind of coverage they have. If you can, also check if the towing trucks and equipment they use are in good shape. The towing company must use equipment that is in excellent condition because it reflects the way they do business. 

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