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Don’t leave it to rot!

Simply give us a call, so we can appropriately handle it for you. We’ve listed out some steps to take to prevent future abandoned vehicles as well as some tips for how to handle towing on your property. We provide the best, cheapest, and most professional services for private property towing.

Is there a vehicle on your private property that doesn’t belong there?

We can help!

Do you have an illegally parked car or abandoned vehicle on your private property?

We can help!

Cheap Tow Truck Service In Fort Lauderdale

What can you expect? We’ll tow the abandoned vehicle off of your land at an affordable rate and in no time at all. Oftentimes, vehicles can be abandoned or kept for long periods of time in driveways, parking lots, or other areas where they don’t belong. Community members may also park where they are not permitted. Private property towing will remove any illegal or abandon areas for you.

Some tips for towing off private property include:

  • Make sure you have adequate signage around your building or property stating it is private property
  • Include any rules (parking only allowed for 1 hour, etc.) with signage
  • Call the police if a vehicle has been there a long time so they can investigate its owner, this is critical for you as it provides documentation
  • Get the car removed with our private property towing services

It is important to choose the right towing company for your needs, as some states require certain licensure or certifications to do so. Here at Tow Truck Cheap, we provide all of the services you could need for your private property towing and have 25 years of towing experience. We service Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, and surrounding areas. We are a local and trusted towing company, & so much more! Gives us a call today at (954) 556-5706.

Get Started by Downloading Our Service Agreement to begin Receiving our service today! After Downloading the fillable pdf document to your computer, please complete the form, save it, and then email it to [email protected] We’re Looking Forward To Working with you!

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