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Are you stuck in a tough spot?

At Tow Truck Cheap, we offer winching services to help you get out of predicaments when you most need it. A winch is a vehicle we use to haul or lift your car when it is stuck on a steep incline or needs to be pulled out of a difficult angle. It consists of a cable wire, drum, motor, and gear train that work together to pull your vehicle out of its current location.

No matter where you’re stuck, Tow Truck Cheap will get you back on the road in no time!

Winching Your Car

If you need to get your car out of a ditch or find it flooded, you will likely need to have your vehicle winched. A cable will be attached to your automobile where it will be most stable, which can vary depending on the vehicle’s undercarriage or the condition. When it is secure, your car will be slowly and safely pulled out of the ditch with no damage to your car. This may not be the first route your towing professional takes, however, it is both safe and reliable.

Tow Truck Cheap Winching

Tow Truck Cheap offers some of the best winch services in the Hollywood and Fort Lauderdale areas! Our team can winch your vehicle out of any situation. If you are stuck in a snow bank, mud, ice, water, or your car is flooded in the rain; we have the tools and expertise to take care of your vehicle. Our experts will assess your situation before we proceed, so you can be sure that your winch service will be safe and efficient.

We also provide fuel delivery, car accident towing, 24-hour emergency towing, and lock-out services. We are committed to delivering excellent vehicle recovery services with cheap and affordable pricing.

And the best part? Our services take 30-minutes or less! We know the stress of being broken down on the side of the road, feeling overwhelmed, and wondering how much this will cost you. With Tow Truck Cheap, you don’t need to worry. We have the lowest prices in the area and will even offer to purchase your vehicle if you’d like to sell.

Give Tow Truck Cheap a call today at (954) 556-5706!

Roadside Assitance – Winching Service in Broward County

When a vehicle is inoperable along the road, it creates a hazard for other motorists. In order to maintain safety on the roads, Florida law requires that an individual can tow their car from breakdowns. But what do you do if your car breaks down when there is no one around for miles? You call a company that specializes in towing services.

What does a South Florida winch truck do? Tow Truck Cheap winching service pulls cars out of ditches, mud pits, snowbanks, and other difficult areas to access. Our skilled operator will use the proper winching equipment for whatever situations, accidents, and circumstances vehicle owners find themselves in.

Tow Truck Cheap professionals will be dispatched immediately upon request to assist you with any type of roadside assistance needs. We will safely pull any kind of vehicle, including cars, trucks, motorcycles, RV’s, and SUVs, from any area and road conditions anywhere in South Florida.

Why Choose Us For Your Winch Towing Service Needs:

  • More than 25 years of experience in winching service.
  • We are a licensed and insured business, as required by law.
  • We have the proper training, methods, and techniques to tow your vehicle safely.
  • Our trucks are equipped with state-of-the-art winching equipment to handle any job or situation you might encounter.
  • We have a wide service area that includes but is not limited to Broward County and South Florida.
  • We offer a free estimate and affordable rates for your convenience.
  • The safety of our customers is one of the most important aspects of our company.
  • We believe in operating with integrity and honesty every time we interact with the public.
  • Our drivers are friendly, professional, and always arrive on time.
  • Our commitment to excellence drives us to provide top-notch service to our clients.

With our knowledge and expertise, Tow Truck Cheap winch service will be there to assist you with any type of roadside assistance needs. We offer fast, efficient, and dependable services, so call now to speak with one of our representatives regarding your specific situation. We have a 24/7 dispatch team available to take your call and send a tow truck driver immediately, or you can schedule a time for us to come out and winch any vehicles.

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