You might be in the terrible position of passing the final gas station in the middle of the highway if you miscalculated how far your vehicle could travel on low fuel. Due to its rarity, this scenario will likely leave most drivers completely unprepared—nearly a million drivers each year risk driving on almost empty gas tanks and breaking down. 

Ran Out of Fuel? Here’s What You Need to Do

If ever you’re in this situation, flagging down passing cars or trekking to the closest petrol station are not recommended despite their prevalence in Hollywood movies; it’s better to call a fuel delivery service since you won’t have to leave your car. Keep a calm mind and follow these tips on what to do when you run out of fuel in the middle of the road.

  1. Stay out of the road and move to safety.

If you’re in a potentially dangerous situation or your car shows signs of trouble, move to the inside or slow lane so you may exit the highway quickly. You should proceed with your vehicle to the shoulder or the side of the road. If the engine is sputtering, it will soon stop working altogether. Therefore, you should move it away from the flow of traffic. Get noticed by turning on your hazard lights and leaving them on if it’s dark or foggy outside.

To give incoming traffic as much time as possible to maneuver around your vehicle, you should take out your Warning Triangle and place it at least 45 meters behind the car. Use a reflective vest or bracelet if you have one.

      2. Call for help.

Call the top roadside help and explain that you’ve run out of gas. Make sure the fuel delivery service you use understands your car’s specific needs. If they don’t, request that they pick you up and take you to the next gas station and give them some time to do so while carrying your gas can. Make a call to the breakdown service of your choice or one in your area if you aren’t a member. It’s best to call emergency services if your car breaks down in a remote location and you anticipate waiting for assistance for a while.

The second alternative, if you can’t get a hold of a fuel delivery service, is to call a friend or relative who also has access to gasoline and have them bring you enough to refill your tank. It’s not a good idea, especially if you’re in a distant area, to walk to find a gas station. Instead, wait beside your car for help to arrive. Diesel vehicles often require bleeding before the engine can begin, so you may need to call a tow truck or a fuel professional if you experience this problem.

     3. Get your location.

You need to be able to give precise directions to the rescuers so that people or the fuel delivery service that you called know where your car is. Further, if you have to leave your vehicle, you won’t want to waste time fumbling around trying to find it on the way back. Remember to write down your GPS coordinates. Write down the highway’s name if you need access to a smart gadget that can provide GPS coordinates. Additionally, it is helpful to know the route you are on, any notable sites nearby, and the closest.

      4. Call for a fuel delivery service.

If help has yet to arrive, consider calling a fuel delivery service to refill your tank as soon as possible so you can finally get a move on. It takes time to locate gas stations, compare the prices of the fuel, and then return to refuel. This can take away valuable time that you could use for other aspects of running your business.

Fuel delivery services simplify the procedure of refueling your vehicle. You can save time and energy finding and visiting a gas station. In addition to standard gasoline and diesel fuel, you can also order several specialty fuels from a fuel delivery service for use in specific vehicles and machinery.

Even though running out of gas is annoying, it’s not necessarily an urgent situation if you keep your cool and take reasonable precautions. Still, a low gasoline level can cause the engine to lose power and stutter, so if this happens to you, get safely off the road and switch on your hazard lights. Find your location using a GPS device, stay in your car, and call 911, your fuel delivery service, your insurance company, a friend, or a family member. If you’re stranded on a deserted stretch of highway and can’t get a signal, try waving down passing motorists and asking them to bring you some gas.

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