Experiencing car trouble is never fun but it’s something anyone who owns or drives a car should anticipate happen to them at some point. What’s important is not when your car breaks down but how you can respond quickly and safely once it happens to you. While sometimes vehicles can be limped to an auto shop, other situations are more serious and will need an expert to come to where you are, such as getting a roadside assistance service in Aventura, FL.

Read on to know how to tell if you need towing or roadside assistance and when you should call for help.

Towing vs. Roadside Assistance

Many get confused between towing and roadside assistance; typically these terms are used interchangeably but in reality, they are not the same. Towing is when a tow truck or heavy equipment will take your car to your home or a car repair shop for you since your car is already unable to move on its own. Towing services are suitable for cases of engine problems or when the car is unable to start for any reason.

Meanwhile, the goal of roadside assistance is to get you back on the road again. These services typically assist with minor concerns that can be resolved quickly such as flat tires or running out of gas. When you hire roadside assistance service in Aventura, for example, you’ll be driving your car to where you want to go be it to a repair shop or your next destination; you won’t need a tow truck to take you to places.

It’s important to know the difference between the two so next time before you go and call for roadside assistance service in Aventura, you can make sure that the company can provide what you need—simple roadside help or a complete towing service.

How to Tell You Need Road Assistance

It can be tempting to try and fix your car problems yourself but when you’re far from home, don’t have the right set of tools, or don’t know anyone in your location, it’s best to call for a roadside assistance service at once. If any of the following happens to you, call for road assistance experts right away:

1. Your car ran out of gas.

Despite your best efforts to keep your tank full, sometimes you just can’t help but push your car too far. It’s likely that you’re out of fuel if your car begins to sputter before shutting off and your gas gauge is on or below the “E”. A roadside assistance team can deliver you enough gas if you’ve run out so that you can go to the next service station and have your car checked.

2. You have a flat tire.

A flat tire will bring your road trip to an abrupt end. You should never drive on a flat tire for longer than what is necessary to reach a safe parking area, as this can damage the rim of your vehicle. When you call for a roadside assistance service in Aventura, your car will be moved to a safer location and your tire will be repaired or replaced so you can get back on the road in no time.

3. Your car’s battery is dead.

A car battery can die in a variety of ways. The most common causes are turning the headlights on when the engine isn’t running or leaving a door open, which can cause your car’s interior lighting to drain the battery. Whatever caused your car’s battery to die, a jumpstart from a roadside service professional will help you start your car and get back to driving again.

4. You accidentally locked yourself outside of your car.

Unbeknownst to most people, people accidentally lock their keys in their cars very frequently. You may be aware of how frustrating it can be if you’ve already experienced it, especially if your car is running. Roadside assistance services can help remove your keys from a locked vehicle so you can regain access to it and get back on the road fast.

A car breakdown can’t always be repaired on the side of the road; when the problem with your car is the engine, transmission, brakes, or other major components, you may need more than just roadside assistance. Towing services are ideal for such situations as they can transport your car safely and quickly to a nearby auto shop where you can get your car serviced by the right professionals.

Need a Tow or Roadside Assistance Service in Aventura, FL?

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