As responsible car owners and drivers, ensuring that your vehicle does not give up on you in the middle of a drive is essential. It is not only a hazard but also a hassle to call an emergency towing service. Even when you are not in a real hurry, you will not enjoy a car breakdown situation. However, it is not something that you can fully avoid. Hence, you should be equipped with the knowledge of what to do during such cases along with the contact information of a reliable 24-hour emergency towing service in Oakland Park, FL.

Common Causes of Car Breakdown

The number of things behind a car breakdown situation is limitless. This is one of the reasons why you cannot completely prevent it from happening and will need a 24-hour emergency towing service in Oakland Park, FL eventually. However, below are a list of the most usual causes why your car breaks down while on the road for your knowledge and reference.

1. Battery Issues

A flat battery is on top of the list of breakdown causes, especially during the winter season. It can be due to the bad habit of leaving the car’s lights on while the engine is off, using the car for short trips only, or a problem with the battery itself, its components, or with the vehicle’s charging system. 

2. Tires and Wheels Issues

While most people think that damaged tires and wheels are only due to punctures, several other things can be behind it. These include failure or damage of the tire’s valve, the separation of the tire and its rim due to a collision as well as natural wear and tear. 

3. Engine Oil Level

The amount of oil in your engine affects its effectiveness. You cannot have too low or too much. Engine oil should be checked regularly, and it should be at the right level, which is right between the two lines. You should go through your car’s handbook to get the right oil specification and avoid unpleasant surprises while on the road.

4. Fuel Issues

When it comes to the fuel for your car, you should be completely wary. A lot of people have made the mistake of filling their diesel-driven vehicles with petrol or the other way around. Another common problem is running out of fuel. This is quite an embarrassing situation for many as the vehicle is equipped with a signal system whenever it needs a fuel refill, and the driver simply ignored that.

What to Do When Your Car Breaks Down in Oakland Park?

It is frustrating when your car breaks down while on the road in Oakland Park or anywhere. However, you must keep your focus and not let yourself get carried away by the negative thoughts and feelings. For sure you will need to call a 24-hour emergency towing service in Oakland Park, FL for assistance, but first things first.

1. Turn On Your Emergency Lights

You need to alert other drivers about your situation. This is the time when your hazard lights are most useful. They will warn motorists to slow down. It is best to keep them on until you get the help that you need.

2. Pull Off The Road

You need to remove your vehicle and yourself away from the traffic flow. If your car can still move, drive it slowly to the right side of the road. You must decelerate gradually to avoid abrupt sbraking, which is another hazard. The best location for you is a flat area that is farthest as possible from any moving vehicles. 

3. Position Yourself Smartly

If you have moved your car to the side of the road, make yourself visible. This is a signal to the other drivers to be cautious and for the 24-hour emergency towing service in Oakland Park, FL to spot you quickly and easily. 

However, if your car’s engine has stopped while you are in the middle of the road, and there is no way to get moving, you should stay inside. Crossing a busy freeway is not only impossible but also highly dangerous. Dealing with the piling traffic behind you is way safer. If you have a white cloth or piece of paper, you can hang it out of the driver’s window to let the other drivers know that your car is having some trouble and they should drive around you.

24-Hour Emergency Towing Service in Oakland Park, FL

Once all the initial steps have been done, you have to get in touch with the right people to give you a hand in this situation. You will need a 24-Hour Emergency Towing Service in Oakland Park, FL that is affordable, reliable, a and quick. You do not want to be waiting on the road for rescue for hours. Call us at Tow Truck Cheap and we will be with you in no time!